August 8-11: Morton Logger Jubilee

Activities at Cascade Peaks


    We have lots of options for activities.  We have guided crafts.  We have paint nights.  We have games to check out at the store.  We have frisbee golf! 

Summer Overview @ Cascade Peaks


    Take part in some of the fun recreational options available in the store!

We're very excited for the 2019 camping season.  We hope you're able to join us for some of the fun! 

Activities Near Cascade Peaks


    4 to 7: Fourth of July Weekend.  Fireworks can be lit off in the front parking lot on July 4th.  We'll also have an ice cream sunday sale at the fireworks show.  (Fireworks not permitted to be lit off at campsites.  Thank you for respecting the rules.)

Cascade Peaks Family Campground

Ask any worker for information on the games.  They will help you out. 

Ask ahead of your stay on Facebook if anything organized is going on.  You can also ask on arrival of your stay if any organized event are taking place.


    24 to 27:  Memorial Day Weekend.  Get your reservation request in early.  We fill up.

11519 U.S. Hwy. 12, Randle, WA 98377   

Phone (360) 494-9202


1 to 2: Labor Day Weekend.  Get your reservations in early.  We'll fill up.

27 to 28: Haunted Trail! $5.00 a person.


    May 25-26: Flee Market

    August 31- September 1: Flee Market

    September 27-28: Packtober Fest


    Sign up for one of the paint nights or check out the activities available at the store.

29 to 31 Labor Day Weekend.  Get your reservations in early.  We'll fill up.