1-3: Frisbee Golf Tournament $5 entry fee

    9: Paint Night (Relaxing Water Scene) -- $25

    16: Musical Performer Kynan Shane

    22-24: Horseshoe Tournament $5 entry fee

    30: Musical Performer Lisa James​

Summer Overview @ Cascade Peaks


    26th: Musical Performer Michael Trew​

    26th and 27th: Paint Night (Friendly Fish) -- Please sign up in advance and pay at the store. $25 adults $15 children (7 to 17) 

Every Thursday

      Interested in learning a new game?  Meet with Roxcie at the Family Center at 6:30 pm. She'll be showing those who are interested how to play a yard game, board game or card game.  Then playing the games with them.

11519 U.S. Hwy. 12, Randle, WA 98377   

Phone (360) 494-9202

Activities Near Cascade Peaks


    August 9-12: Morton Logger Jubilee

We're very excited for the 2018 camping season.  We hope you're able to join us for some of the fun! 


    4: Fireworks in front parking lot -- Dusk to 10:30 pm  (Ice Cream Sunday Sale $1.25)

    6: 4th of July Craft @ Family Center

    7: Musical Performer Sam Densmore

    14: Musical Performer Castaways

    13-14: Paint Night (Fishing from a Dock) $25 adults $15 Children (7-17)

    21: Musical Performer Valerie Cavell


    May 25-26: Flee Market

    August 31- September 1: Flee Market

    September 28-29: Ocktober Fest


    3-5: Frisbee Golf Tournament $5 entry fee

    18: Musical Performer Flat Nines

    18: Paint Night (Campsite at Night)

    25: Fun 5k Run $5 entry fee

​    25: Craft

Cascade Peaks Family Campground

Every Friday

      Interested in exploring the campground or river?  Meet with Roxcie at the Family Center at 9 am.  She'll lead whoever is interested in a trek and hopefully find some interesting things. 

Activities at Cascade Peaks


    1: Musical Performers Victor Andrada and Cheryl Hall

    1-2: Paint Night (Curious Birds) $25 adults $15 children (7-17)

     7-9: Large Music Festival

     28-29: Haunted Trail $5 entry fee